Wonderful Winter Weddings

Winter weddings, particularly in the midwest and on the east coast, have a special glow to them. When planning a winter event, think of venues that are at once intimate, plush, and with a warm ambience. Colors can be muted, featuring grays and creams, or bold, with pops of rich burnished tones and gorgeous plums and crimson.

Food choices are different in the winter, too. Guests want comfort food, that will satiate and please. Plan for hot appetizers, heavier wines – particularly reds – as well as substantial entrees and festive desserts.

Because guests will be inside for most of the duration of the event, entertainment from start to finish will really set the tone. Music, either via a DJ or from live entertainment, can help define the stages of the event, from cocktail hour through the last of the dances before the venue must close. Careful choreography of the music selections will clearly move guests through each segment of the event for a memorable, engaging party.

Fete Perfection loves the unique characteristics of wonderful winter weddings!

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