Wedding Flowers

I received a copy of “The Millennial Bride: Unveiled; White Paper 2009” a study conducted by Martha Stewart Weddings while in Vero Beach, Florida last week.  The fabulous Rebecca Grinnals spoke at the brunch I was attending for the Come Discover Love FAM tour of Indian River County.

Simply stated the Millennial bride is any woman between 21 and 30 who have recently gotten married or engaged. The Millennial bride is more educated than any generation to date with over 70% having some college.  The Millennial couple have a combined income of over $100,000 and while financially stable, they demand value for the purchases they make.

This video from Man Stroke Woman found on YouTube illustrates why the wedding industry has to change its ways regarding pricing if they expect to survive in the Millennial Wedding World.  How do you add value to your products or services?  I will offer my suggestions next.

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