Engagement Season & Consultations

Photography by Andrew Vick PhotographyIt’s engagment season again. One of my favorite times of year as I get the chance to meet newly engaged and very excited couples. It’s fun to sit down with them and start making a connection. It’s also fun to listen to their ideas, view their Pinterest Boards and to figure out a way we can work together.

In preparation for our meeting I like to send two questionnaires. One is my Bride & Groom Style Survey and the other is my Budget Priorities Questionnaire.  These two documents help me to be very well prepared for our initial complimentary consultation. Basically the Style Survey is a look into the couple’s likes, dislikes, history, engagement story and a peak at their wedding dreams and desires. The Budget Priorities Questionnaire is the business end of our consultation. What elements of their wedding are most important?  Is is photography, food, ambience, decor, family & friends or music? Also, what is their expected guest count and budget and who is paying? I need to know early on who the decision makers are in our relationship so I can tailor my assistance towards their involvement as well as the couple.

An initial consultation lasts about 60 minutes. In order to make the most of our time I ask that the couple meet with me and if mom or dad are to be very involved in wedding planning, it’s nice to meet them and gain their trust as well.

I like couples to bring photos of weddings that resinate with them or little snippets of colors, floral, decor or venue looks.  Something visual to share, speaks volumes.  Lastly, once our consultation is over I will prepare a customized proposal that outlines very specifically everything we will do to make wedding planning an enjoyable, efficient and a fun, memorable experience.

Photography by Marina Caufield Photography

I look forward to hearing from you and congratulations on your engagement. By the way, we are thrilled to be named once again, 2014 The Knot Best of Wedding Planners.  There were only 3 winners in Minnesota this year and Fete Perfection was one of them.

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